Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's Talk about My Idea...

I am taking what I have learned from the performance apparel business and infusing it into high fashion garments for the woman who does it all! 

I will start with 2 styles. You need to start small but we will talk about that more in a later post-maybe tomorrow! The two styles are dresses that she can wear to work and look professional. The best part is that they are made from performance
/athletic fabric so that she can have even the most hectic days

Let's call it EFFORTLESS STYLE. Think if DVF and Lululemon had a would be Jackie Real Designs. 

For example...She can wake up and immediately put on a JRD dress,walk her dog(s), commute to work on a bike or crammed subway, have a crazy day at work, run errands during lunch, have a more crazy day at work, go to happy hour and then go home and cook dinner with friends or family... all while staying dry, smelling good, no wrinkles and looking fabulous.

Make Sense?! Let me know your thoughts on my IDEA...

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