Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let me fill you in...

Born in Boston, MA. Spent a lot of my early life traveling to exotic places. Both my parents were born outside the USA and felt it pivotal to give me a global perspective on the world. 

At the age of 8 I started sketching women's clothing in secret. Mostly, dresses. I kept my "portfolio" hidden from my family. Looking back-I am not sure why I did this! However shortly Mom found them while she was cleaning my room.  She was very impressed at my work and knew that there was something there...

My wonderful Mom started taking me to Florence, Italy to study Fashion at Top Art schools. I was the youngest there by at least 5 to 10 years. Everyone else was there on a study abroad from College, while I had not even entered High School.

Made the decision, with much help from my Father, to go to Babson College for UGRAD. I had visited the beloved Fashion schools in NYC but wanted to get a more broad knowledge of the business side of it. I concentrated in Retail Supply Chain Management. 

From school, I went to work at TJX Companies in their Buyer Program. I was working in Allocation and Planning for HomeGoods; where I learned a lot about the flow of supply and demand and inventory management. I worked closely with the Buyers to increase profitability of several departments including candles, wall art, stationary and home decor.

Was recruited by PUMA North America. For 3 years I was on the Performance Apparel Merchandising team. It was here that I learned a tremendous amount regarding the ins and out of apparel and most importantly-about performance construction, trends, fabrics and benefits. 

Present Day: 
My husband and I sold our Condo in Concord, MA and I Left PUMA. 
Myself, husband and our two toy poodles Louis and Coco moved to Portland,ME. We currently live in the heart of the Arts District... just a block away from Maine College of Art (MECA) and the Portland Art Museum. We are surrounded by amazing restaurants-our current favorite is  BODA, a thai restaurant just across the street.   

Oh yeah-we are also getting our MBA from Bentley University and expect to graduate this summer. 

As of February 2014, I am spending 100% of my time devoted to my new more of blogs to learn about what is going on in My Life! 

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